Bear with me, this page is currently under construction.

Here are some projects I've worked on.

Study Buddy

  • An Amazon Alexa Skill that uses a student's Canvas data to remind them of upcoming assignments.
  • Developed at Hacklahoma 2018. Won the NextThought Hack Your Campus Challenge.
  • Project overview here
  • Source code here
  • We hope to have Study Buddy in beta testing soon. If you want to be a beta tester, email me!

Digital Latin Library: Automation

  • A set of Python scripts that automate XML encoding of a critical edition of a Latin text.
  • General info about the DLL here
  • Source code for my scripts here
  • Input guidelines for using them here
  • Complete documentation of source code, as well as video tutorials, coming soon!

OU IDEA Lab: Drone Vision

  • Developing a computer vision task to teach middle and high schoolers about computer vision using drones.
  • More info coming soon!

HaBit Better

  • An iOS app that uses machine learning to predict how a user's daily habits might be affecting their mental health.
  • Developed at TreeHacks 2019.
  • Project overviewhere
  • Source code here


  • An IoT smart pillbox that sends SMS messages to remind the user of their medication schedule - no wifi needed!
  • Developed at Hacklahoma 2019. Won best use of Twilio API.
  • Project overviewhere
  • Source code here

Side Projects

  • A GroupMe chatbot to annoy my friends.
  • PyPair, a sorority big/little matching script, here

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